Municipality of Ovalle trains the gastronomic sector to avoid Covid-19 infections in premises - Ovalle Turismo

Through the Department of Production Promotion and Tourism, about 50 gastronomic establishments in the city were certified in the management of sanitary protocols to prevent Covid 19.

Since the beginning of phase 4 of the “Paso a Paso” plan in Ovalle, the restaurants and cafes reopened their doors to customers, reactivating the business after almost 6 months of inactivity. For this reason, the Municipality of Ovalle, through the Department of Productive Development and Tourism, trained more than 50 businessmen, in order to implement the Covid 19 preventive protocol plan.

It initiative included virtual and face-to-face talks, which were given by professionals from Inacap La Serena. The different sanitary requirements established by the Management Protocol created by the Ministry of Health were reviewed.

“The commercial sector has been one of the most affected by the pandemic, and we are working with it to ensure a return to normalcy. To this end, we are conducting training focused on the effective implementation of health protocols. In order to guarantee the fulfillment of the requirements and that local businesses can attend their clients in a safe way. With this, we also ensure safety for the clients”, said Mayor Claudio Rentería.

It should be noted that health protocols or good practice guides constitute measures, recommendations and guidelines for the sector, which have the approval of the competent authorities.

What are the Covid protocols?

The sanitary protocols establish requirements to the premises and to those who work inside them:

  • Define, implement and monitor a Cleaning and Disinfection Plan.
  • Establish entry and exit mechanisms for the premises.
  • Respect social distancing measures.
  • Maintain the premises with ventilated spaces and social distancing. Maximum capacity of 50%.

For those who wish to consult or receive guidance on this support measure, please write to Using the following format: Name of the premises (company), name of the administrator, address, contact and an image of the space where the terrace is to be implemented.