Barraza Typical Zone - Ovalle Turismo

The town of Barraza is the main and most palpable exponent of the traditional architectural wealth and heritage of Ovalle, is located 30 km southwest of the city, on the south bank of the Limari River.

The Barraza Typical Zone was declared a Historical Monument in January 1978. At present, this town is protected by the National Monuments Law, due to its historical, architectural and urban value.

In the town it is possible to find typical gastronomic products such as: goat cheese, jams, honey and various handicrafts, pottery products, saddlery and textiles. Ideal for those interested in sustainable and historical tourism.

  • Open to public: 24 hours.
  • Address:Route 45 to Ovalle, then take route D-561 to Barraza Village. Tickets: Free entry.
  • Website: