Limarí - Ovalle Turismo


Ovalle offers experiences linked to urban and archaeological cultural heritage, along with incredible national parks and monuments. You can start your morning by visiting the emblematic Fray Jorge Park or the ancestral Valle del Encanto. Then have lunch with some of the typical dishes of the area and finally tour the museums in the historical center.

Our city, as well as the other valleys of Limarí, is recognized for the quality of its wine, fish and agricultural products. Therefore, in your visit you can’t miss to visit the vineyards, to make a pisco tasting or directly to taste the pairing of our wines with a meal with products cultivated in this same land.

Turistic places


The largest natural Christmas tree in the country already lights up Ovalle

Christmas in Ovalle: With 55 meters high and decorated with more than 1500 lights, the Christmas tree turns the main meeting point of the city into a real postcard.

The tourist attractions that the “Perla del Limarí” holds

Ovalle is the gateway to the Limari Valley and is a city located 90 kilometers south east of La Serena. The commune intends to promote its main tourist attractions, such as the Feria Modelo, the Limarí Museum and the Fray Jorge Park.


Plan your stay

Planning your trip doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Here you can access all the information you need such as accommodation, restaurants, wine bars, pisqueras among others.

Valleys of Limarí

How to arrive to Ovalle

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